Buy Prostolane Inner B SE (1x1ml) Online

//Buy Prostolane Inner B SE (1x1ml) Online

Buy Prostolane Inner B SE (1x1ml) Online


What is the effect of a 4 – biomimetic peptide complex?

Nonapeptide – 32: Stimulates the metabolic processes of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. Softens skin irregularities.
Pentapeptide 43: Reduces lipogenesis and promotes lipolysis. Reduces accumulation of fatty deposits.
Tripeptide – 41: Stimulates lipolysis and stimulates tissue regeneration. Strengthens the skin.
Octapeptide – 11: Activates cell regeneration. Improves skin appearance and tone.
The combination of prolonged-action peptides and hyaluronic acidallows you to achieve good results in a short time.


Prostrolane Inner B SE injectable gel is indicated for deep dermis implantation for lipolysis of moderate to severe double chin, abdomen, buttocks, back of the thighs.

Lipolysis is an innovative method of removing local fat tissue gathering, efficient and safe. The preparation in this product reduces fat drops in fat cells.


Peptides and Hyaluron – a unique composition that promotes the reduction of natural fatty acid cells, the release of relaxed lipids from the body, stimulates the production of collagen, restores a healthy appearance to the skin and exerts a “lifting” skin stretching effect.

The syringe contains a gel-texture preparation with peptides and hyaluronic acid, which effectively reduces bags under the eyes and swelling.


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