Buy Godgel Derm (1x1ml) Online

//Buy Godgel Derm (1x1ml) Online

Buy Godgel Derm (1x1ml) Online


Hyaluronic Acid Content: 20mg/ml

Particle size: 0.15-0.28mm

Needle size: 27G/30G

Needle: 2 piece

Molecular weight: < 1,200,000 Daltons

Swelling Rate: 150%-300%

Duration: 6 months

Bacterial Endotoxin: <0.5Eu/mg


Utilising S&L technology, Godgel uses a type of intramolecular and intermolecular biphasic synchronous cross-linking technology which produces cross-linked sodium hyaluronate hybrid suspended gel characterised by more thorough cross-linking reaction, lower BDDE residue and a long-lasting renovated effect.

Use Godgel Derm for enhancing lip volume and shape, as well as lip contouring.


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