Buy Vitten PN Plus (1x3ml) Online

//Buy Vitten PN Plus (1x3ml) Online

Buy Vitten PN Plus (1x3ml) Online


Composition: Cross-linked HA 15mg + PN 5mg

Depth: Superficial layer or epidermis / dermis

Duration of treatment: 3 times for 2 months

Lasts for 6 months.


Vittén helps regenerate the fibroblast collagen network in extracellular matrix.

Vittén stimulates elastin production.

PN (Polynucleotide) is derived from salmon sperm which is almost same as human DNA.
PN is affective in treatment for tissue damage, cell proliferation, extracellular matrix formation and restoration of blood vessel. Vittén PN / PN Plus treats skin problems.

  • Moisture & Elasticity
  • Anti-fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement of Skin barrier function
  • Rejuvenation & improvement of skin tone and texture

The integrated support system and quality of the skin are improved


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