Buy Viscoderm 2% Maxx Online

//Buy Viscoderm 2% Maxx Online

Buy Viscoderm 2% Maxx Online


VISCODERM® effectively improves skin tension and elasticity.
Recommended as a rejuvenating treatment for the skin with signs of sagging and aging and as a revitalising treatment for all skin types with signs of fatigue and stress.


Recommended for use in the recovery of supportive layers of dermis and its thickening at medium and deep levels. Viscoderm is a breakthrough in creating a facelift and for the neck, neck, abdomen and thighs. The skin is injected with preparations which are a mixture of intensively regenerating and nourishing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, a substance with a very moisturising and filling effect on the relaxed skin, which in effect leads to wrinkle correction.

At the same time, we improve the tension and elasticity of the skin by using vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and nucleic acids present in the preparation.
Mesolift ingredients give immediate effect of moisturizing, firming and lightening of the skin, leaving for a long time the necessity of surgical facelift. The treatment can be performed without anesthesia, there may be slight redness, sting marks, or small bruises immediately after the procedure.


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