Buy Overage Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Blue (1x1ml) Online

//Buy Overage Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Blue (1x1ml) Online

Buy Overage Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Blue (1x1ml) Online


High concentration of hyaluronic acid: 2,3% or 23mg/ml. Causes a rapid, pronounced and persistent regenerative stimulation of the dermis. Due to efficient diffusion of the drug in the tissues due to the small molecular size, pronounced stimulatory effect is distributed evenly and deeply through all layers of the dermis. The high concentration of the drug determines the duration and durability of effect. Thus we obtain a more physiological distribution of the drug in tissues, in comparison with analogues with larger molecule and thus the most important long-term stimulatory effect and pronounced aesthetic results. These are the

characteristics inherent in the class biorevitalization &mdash skybusters.


Prolonged stimulation of the skin restoring structure and content

Indicate to:

  • Slim loose skin (restoration of natural density)
  • Flabby atonic skin(restoringloststructureandturgor)
  • The biostimulation (3D-revitalization)
  • The pronounced signs of early skin aging
  • Fine-wrinkle type of aging
  • Therapeutic prevention of appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Small scars and post-acne condition
  • The need for alignment of the micro relief of the skin
  • Rejuvenation and therapy areas with thin skin (periorbital area, neck and décolleté)
  • As an effective component in a comprehensive cosmetology programsTechnique and depth of insertion with the use of needles:
    • Papula: at an angle of 30 degrees to a depth of 2 mm
    • Micro-papula: at an angle of 15 degrees to a depth of 0.5 mm
    • Micro- tank: at an angle of 45 degrees to a depth of 3 mm
    • Retrogradetechnique : at an angle of 30 degrees of 2 mm

    Technique and depth of insertion with the use of cannula:

    • Linear fan hypodermal

    Biorevitalizing-skybuster: high
    concentration of low molecular weight = pronounced 3D effect
    It has been proved that low molecular weight hyaluronic acid possesses a better diffusion in the tissues by stimulating differentiation of cells, restoration of extracellular matrix and moisture balance of the skin:

    • the proliferation of fibroblasts
    • neocollagenesis
    • angiogenesis
    • prevention of dermatopathy
    • the resynthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid

    The combination of high concentrations and small molecular weight allowed to achieve deep uniform and pronounced aesthetic effect (tightening and thickening of the dermis, correction of microrelief and wrinkles, reduce medium wrinkles), tangible improvements in functional status (normalization of moisture, improving elasticity)2
    The relatively small size of the molecule hyaluronic acid (1100 Da) is more physiological for the tissues, providing a natural uniform diffusion in the intercellular matrix and minimizing trauma to the dermal layers. This gives the drug a generic purpose, ie, it is ideal for all skin types. Of particular relevance is the application of thinning for atonic skin and delicate areas such as the infraorbital region. These cases are the best indications/areas of injection for the specified drug.


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