Buy Hyawell Deep (1x2ml) Online

//Buy Hyawell Deep (1x2ml) Online

Buy Hyawell Deep (1x2ml) Online


Duration of how long it lasts depends on the area and type of treatment, as well as the depth and type of injection technique.

Good injection technique is essential so practitioners who have received proper training should only administer this.


Hyawell cross linked sodium hyaluronate gel for plastic surgery is a sterile, biodegradable, viscoelastic injectable gel, using non-animal origin Hyaluronic acid.

This cross-linked HA has a prolonged half-life compared to other naturally occurring HA which breaks down in subcutaneous tissue.

Includes 26 / 27G needles

The molecular network combines with water molecules to adapt, mould and integrate smoothly within the skin’s natural contours. It is used to treat aging skin folds and scars as well as volumising cheeks and lips.


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