Buy Facetem Natural Face Natural System (1×1.5ml) Online

//Buy Facetem Natural Face Natural System (1×1.5ml) Online

Buy Facetem Natural Face Natural System (1×1.5ml) Online


reduction of wrinkles
non-surgical facelift
long-term fitness of the skin
The treatment does not exclude the patient from daily activities
The product is CE1023 certified.


Facetem filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite.
Two-phase effect – immediate filling thanks to flexible gel matrix and long-term stimulation of colagnate production thanks to calcium hydroxyapatite.
Facetem has a microscopic flake structure that provides a stable scaffold for the production of collagen for a long time.
High viscosity and homogeneous microspheres make the product stay at the injection site and allow for precise modeling.
Facetem’s elasticity makes it resistant to forces such as facial muscles, which provides an extremely stable effect.
Due to optimal cohesion, the preparation is decomposed in the place where it is applied.


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