Buy Bioformula Jalucomplex 3 Strong (1×1.5ml) Online

//Buy Bioformula Jalucomplex 3 Strong (1×1.5ml) Online

Buy Bioformula Jalucomplex 3 Strong (1×1.5ml) Online


Surface and middle-deep layers of the dermis. Retrograde linear technique is preferred.
3-4 procedures once every 2-3 weeks. 2 courses per year.


Jalucomplex 3 Strong uses biocompatible and biodegradable linear Hyaluronic acid from non-animal origin.
It is a sterile, colourless, non-pyrogenic, biocompatible gel in a pre-filled sterile glass graduated disposable syringe.
The action is to increase the volume of tissues based on the natural ability of hydrophilic molecules of hyaluronic acid to bind to the amount of water significantly exceeding their own weight.
Treatment of superficial wrinkles around the eyes and lips, brow wrinkles, correction of the face oval and nasolabial folds, lip revitalization.


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